After a lively panel at Center for the Fine Arts, 1993
photo by Rafael Salazar


April 2002 - Design District Openings

No Show Budda at Lejeune Road gutter, Coral Gables, 2002
photos by Mette Tommerup

Set up by my parents and peers, I started performing in costume as a student in Los Maristas school in pre-revolutionary Cuba. Over the years, I continued this tradition in deviant, more creative ways: impersonating Tiny Tim at a High School Graduation Event, always dressing up for Halloween, staging pranks at home and with friends, flirting with serious tough-bitch drag, etc.

Today, in different avatars, I walk the streets all of the time. At home in Miami Beach, I spend leisurely mornings along the Atlantic; sometimes I go to the Design District or Lincoln Road for Lunch. I attend art openings whenever possible, wherever I travel. Today I look like Buddha, tomorrow like a Pirate, a Fashionista, an Intellectual or a Bum.

If our paths should cross, say hello.

El Tigre, SENDA AT TRANSEAT opening, Miami, December 2002
photo by Carlos Duran