Echo, Miami Art Central, Cintas Fellows exhibition, May 2004

exhibition cases at SOCIAL FABRIC, The Gallery at Green Library, December 2002

Digital Catalogues:

SOCIAL FABRIC: Old Pillows and Recent Money Works by César Trasobares

Quinceañera Works

Enrique Riverón Retrospective

Woks in Process: Politropicos

DRAFTS of the book's chapters will be posted here

Essays by Trasobares in:

Triumph of the Spirit: Carlos Alfonzo a Survey by Olga M. Viso, Guest Curator, Miami Art Museum, 1997

Menus: Miralda, Sa Nostra-Caixa de Balears, Palma, Mallorca, 1995 (book co-designed with Miralda)

Roberto Juarez: They Entered the Road, Center for the Fine Arts, Miami, 1995 (first edition); Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Kansas City, 2000 (second edition)

Purvis Young: Me and My People, Miami–Dade Public Library, 1992

Words Without Thoughts Never to Heaven Go: Edward Ruscha by Bonnie Clearwater, Lannan Museum, 1988

Public Art Process, César Trasobares, Guest Curator, Miami: North Miami Museum and Art Center, 1985

Light Ambulant: Marilyn Gottlieb-Roberts, Frances Wolfson Art Gallery, Miami, 1983

Riveron, César Trasobares, Guest Curator, Lowe Art Museum and De Armas Gallery, 1980

Articles by Trasobares:

Picture Perfect, The City Slant, Miami, 1986, pp.31, 32

Interviews and Profiles of/with Trasobares:

Jenni Lukas, INTERVIEW: Lydia Rubio, Cesar Trasobares, Ricardo Zulueta, Ricardo Viera, Maria Brito and Maria Lino, Art Papers, January-February, 1983

Vicki Sanders, Selling the Public on Art, The Miami Herald, January 19, 1986

Helen L. Kohen, The Fine Art of Decorating, The Miami Herald, December 30, 1990

Alyson Pou, EXPLODING THE MODEL: On Youth and Art, Public Art Review, Spring/Summer, 1998